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Nursing Home Litigation

Placing a loved one in someone else's care can be scary. And as Carol (our client) discovered, finding out that loved one is being neglected is a nightmare.

When Carol could no longer manage her mother's Alzheimer's on her own, she admitted her to a local nursing home. She kept receiving positive progress reports from the nursing home, but her mother seemed worse with each visit. Carol noticed unexplained bruising and began to worry about her mother's care.

Was her mother being taken care of? Was she simply getting sick? And whom could she turn to for help?

After weeks of wrestling with guilt and doubt, Carol called us. We were able to connect her with resources to investigate her mother's care. When negligence and abuse were discovered, we were ready to take the case to trial.

As a result of our extensive experience with nursing home litigation, Carol and her mother were awarded significant compensation. We made sure that the facility began to follow state and federal regulations and provide adequate staffing so that no other family would face the same treatment. Carol was relieved to see her mother's condition improve in a new nursing home and glad she made the call to Stanley + Woodard.

If your loved one is suffering, know that help is out there. Contact us today to find out how we can put a stop to nursing home abuse.