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Personal Injury

Many auto accident attorneys look to get the fastest settlement possible. But that's not always the best option. Take this case, for example:

Jeffrey, our client, was in a car accident which resulted in surgery, lost work, and thousands of dollars in medical bills – all because the other driver was driving too fast, not paying attention, and crossed the center line.

The other driver's insurance company offered to settle for medical expenses plus a few thousand dollars...nowhere near enough to cover Jeffrey's lost wages and compensate for physical and mental pain and suffering from the accident. His first reaction was to take the settlement. After all, something was better than nothing, and he couldn't afford to spend months (or years) waiting for a trial verdict.

Where other auto accident lawyers would jump at the chance to secure an easy settlement, we carefully reviewed the case and demanded the insured's policy limits. Through a negotiated settlement, Jeffrey was compensated with $50,000 – and we handled the entire process, allowing him time to heal. Jeffrey made a full recovery and was able to provide for his family until he returned to work.

Within personal injury, we also handle:

  • Catastrophic injury
  • Wrongful death
  • 18-wheeler wrecks
  • Premises liability (slip and fall) cases

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